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Social-networking I’ve written about this before but not in detail. The Accounting Degree site at this link has compiled a list of 100 Best Blogs for Women in Business. I am proud that Lip-sticking is one of them but in reality many, many of the others are worth your time, regardless of your gender or your business.

Here are some that I can openly recommend – this does not diminish the power of the others, it just means I know these blogs and bloggers. Bookmark this page of blogs and refer to it over and over. You will be well guided in your business pursuits, if you do.

#1 to me is the Women Entrepreneurs Blog at Simon – probably because I helped create it for the Simon Graduate School of Business and I am a contributing writer. Beyond that, the content is rich with great business advice and insights into how to become a successful entrepreneur.

#2 is Canisius College Women’s Business Center Solutions for Success – not only because I have spoken there (before I moved to Colorado) but because they are dedicated to assisting women entrepreneurs achieve the highest levels of success.Leadership_simon_school

#3 is Small Business Trends – I met the editor and blogger who started this blog, Anita Campbell, in my early years as a blogger. We published a book on which she was the editor. Over the years, Anita has gathered some of the most creative and intelligent minds in small business to share their advice on her Small Biz Trends blog. Well worth your time, every day.

#4, 5, 6 All of these bloge written by close friends of mine. We’re part of the online women’s community working to give back. Holly, at Marketing to Women Online, is super-smart and has some of the best women focused content on the web.  Mary, at In Women We Trust, was a client – we published her outstanding book, In Women We Trust. Why? Because it makes perfect sense – women trust other women! Toby, a dear, dear friend, from Diva Marketing Blog, is also the creative brains behind the first book ever written entirely on Twitter! And, it’s free! Get your copy on her blog and learn more about the changing world of social media.

I think that’s enough for one day. I’ll conclude next Tuesday, with a few more. The list is extensive and I don’t aim to recreate it, just share some great links. Enjoy.

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